New Candidates have to undertake a full Advanced First Aid (AFA)Training Course (minimum of 60 Hours including e-Learning) or if you are a suitably qualified BTLS Professional we offer a Modified - AFA course. All patrollers need to have CPR-HCP certification to patrol and this is part of the course. All patrollers are examined to national standards and must meet the minimum requirement to pass. 

 New Patrollers

New Candidate e-Advanced First Aid Course @ Loyalist College, Belleville Campus

Starts Tuesday October 16 until November 22, Tuesdays & Thursdays 18:30-21:30 includes exams and CPR- HCP

Has eLearning component

Must also attend Field Day 

All patrollers must attend Field Day

ZONE FIELD DAY @ Batawa Ski Hill

ALL patrollers, new and returning are required to attend field day - Pot Luck Lunch, lots of fun day! Meet the whole zone and more!

November 25 at 09:00 -17:00 

Returning Patrollers 

Returning Patroller Recertification & Examinations and CPR-HCP recertification course @ Loyalist College

Attendance required and patrollers must complete eLearning prior to attendance 

Returning patrollers must pick one day for skills sheet, diagnostic and written exam AND a different date for CPR-HCP recert. 


Max class size 20.

Saturday August 11 AFA Recert

Sunday August 12 CPR-HCP Recert

Saturday September 14 AFA Recert

Sunday September 15 CPR-HCP Recert

and MUST also attend Field Day