The 2011 Frontenac Zone Awards Banquet was held at Batawa Ski Hill on 7th May 2011.  Annual Awards were hosted by Zone President - Andrew Larcombe.  Presentations were made by Alan Roy, Andrew Larcombe, Marg Alden, Bert Oosterlinck, Morgan Casement and Ontario Division President Guy Stewart.  A massive Eighteen 100 hours patrolled awards were presented and Frontenac Zone provided 3,900 hours of volunteer Patrol hours to our three ski areas.  Thank you to all that attended and congratulations to this years recipients.  "For the time of your Life or maybe someone else's"

Ontario Division President Mr Guy Stewart presenting Presidents Award for Outstanding Zone in Ontario 

Award Name Description Recipient
Patroller of the Year Awarded to a patroller who has demonstrated exceptional leadership and dedication to Zone activities.

Bruno Robitaille

Executive of the Year Awarded by the President to a member of the executive who has put exceptional effort into the performance of their Executive duties.

Peter Willmott

Rookie of the Year Awarded to the First Year Patroller who in the opinion of her/his peers has best demonstrated the qualities desired of a Patroller and who shows the most promise for the future.

Gwen Brown

Taylor Ash

Mike Dryden

Jim Honey Memorial Alpine Ski Award Awarded to the Patroller who demonstrated an overall dedication to Alpine related events.


Steve Smith


Jack Rabbit Award Nordic Ski Award Awarded to the patroller who demonstrated an overall dedication to Nordic related events.


Gord Prue


Most Days Patrolled Awarded to the patroller who has put in the most Patrol days at Frontenac Zone areas.

Gwen Brown

Frontenac Zone Appreciation Award Awarded for exceptional service and dedication to Frontenac Zone over a number of years. Can be awarded to an individual member of CSPS or Organisation or Member of Organisation that supports the growth of Frontenac Zone

#18 - Batawa Ski Hill

#19 - Ron Artbuthnot

#20 - Georgiana Stanciu

#21 - Joe Medved

#22 - Danny Neto

100 Hours Patrolled in a Season This awarded to a patroller in Frontenac Zone who achieves 100 hours of patrolling in a season in the Zone

Alan McAlpine - 100 hours

Catalin Obreja - 107 hours

Peter Willmott - 108 hours

Kim Rodnick - 109 hours

Bruno Robitaille - 111 hours

Rob Taylor - 116 hours

Meredith Wills - 132 hours

Andrew Larcombe - 133 hours

Georgiana Stanciu - 138 hours

Wayne Jordison - 138 hours

David Craig - 140 hours

Patrick Hickey - 146 hours

Taylor Leigh-Mossley - 176 hours

Spencer Ash - 184 hours

Steve Smith - 194 hours

Mike Dryden - 218 hours

Alan Roy - 234 hours

Gwen Brown - 235 hours

Ontario Division Presidents Award for Outstanding Zone Presented by Guy Stewart for Most Outstanding Zone in Ontario at Ontario Division Awards Banquet 2011 in Sault Ste. Marie. Frontenac Zone

 For the time of your lifeā€¦ And maybe someone else's